Team Biographies

Rachel Anderson


Dog Coordinator - Magic Valley 

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t rescuing animals in need. My love for animals began as a child growing up on a farm and has continued until present. But the phone call I received from my daughter late one evening prompted me to take a more active role as a rescuer.

A homeless man was taken to jail and his companion a beautiful white pit bull needed a place to go. My daughter took him to keep him off the streets and called me for help. He was flea infested, emaciated, his coat was rough and dirty and he had a large tumor on his leg. We got him the medical help he needed and found him an amazing furever home. This one dog, Smoke, changed my life, fueled my passion to help those without a voice and led me to the amazing group of rescuers and volunteers that has become Paws Rescue, Inc.

In addition to Paws, I have worked in Twin Falls as a full-time Registered Dental Hygienist for the past 26 years. I have one daughter, Bailey, that lives in Seattle and also shares my love and passion for animals.  In my spare time I like to go to concerts, kayak, relax with my pups, read and participate in outdoor activities.

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Heather Cook

Cat Coordinator - Magic Valley & Treasure Valley

Throughout my childhood, I have always had a love for animals. Now, I wouldn't say I am a fan of snakes, spiders, and lizards, but put a dog or cat in need in front of me and I will run a marathon to help.

I started fostering for Paws Rescue back in 2011 as a way of feeling like I could give back. My heart grew as I realized I could nurse a sick kitty from almost death to finding them the best adopter and seeing them live their best life. About 5 years ago, I took over as the Cat Coordinator for Paws Rescue and have cherished every moment, hardship, and positive outcome seeing cats go to great homes.

Outside of Paws Rescue, I am a wife, busy mom of 4 teenagers, and an Office Manager for a busy medical office. The chaos and always changing days are what keep us young!! 

Tammi Osborne Harr


Ashley Holthus


Shortly after moving to Idaho from Oregon in 2016 I began fostering for PAWs Rescue after seeing the need for rescue support in our community. Volunteering for PAWs allows me the opportunity to leave a positive impact on our community as well as the animals we bring in. Rescue work is incredibly rewarding and has given me a chance to meet so many wonderful and caring individuals within the PAWs network. 

Outside of volunteering I'm the Supply Chain Director for Plant Therapy. My husband and I have 3 wonderful pups, 1 of which was a PAWs Foster Fail. We enjoy traveling, camping and live music. 

Kim Williams

Event Coordinator - Treasure Valley

After 35 years in the corporate world,  I wanted to use my gained knowledge to make money for something I really cared about: saving the amazing dogs and cats that are in our shelters. After 35 years in the corporate world,  I wanted to use my gained knowledge to make money for something I really cared about: saving the amazing dogs and cats that are in our shelters. 


Shannon Hartgrave

Event Coordinator - Magic Valley

Since I was a little girl, animal rescue kind of found me.

Growing up in the country, it wasn't unusual to see a car slow down, throw something furry out the window and drive away.  Our family got a lot of pets that way.  And if we couldn't keep them, we would find them loving homes. To this day, I will never understand somebody abusing, neglecting or throwing away an animal.

When I'm not helping the four-legged babies, I love to camp, read, watch my Dallas Cowboys and be with my family. I'm married to my high school sweetheart Matt, and we have two boys, Javin and Zander.  I'm so proud that Matt and our boys share in my crusade of animal rescue.  We can't save them all, but we will never stop trying. 

Pachina Waite

Event Coordinator - Magic Valley


Rescuing, and love of animals has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, and in high school I swore I wasn't having children and would travel the world as a wild animal vet. 

I started fostering animals when I was a stay at home mom and wanted to help in the community. I fostered for various shelters around the valley, and have been a proud volunteer for PAWS Rescue Inc since it's beginnings. I found a love for fundraising, and when I could no longer foster, I continued with fundraising and even coordination.

Outside of rescue, I love the outdoors and hiking with my dogs, reading, gardening, and cooking, especially for other people. I have two boys who share my love of animals, three dogs, and a leopard gecko.